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While facts are important, ghostwriting and collaborative writing are more about voice and fulfilling your objectives. Finding a form of words that could be said by our clients is challenging. Ensuring that those same words contribute towards marketing, sales or personal goals is engaging  and learning new perspectives often changes our world-view in intriguing  uneandxpected ways.

We believe that inspirational content – whatever the format – is brought alive by personal touches. The right words and phrases are a must, but the right quotes, related case studies, relevant photographic images, directly illustrative diagrams or interesting  infographics can bring depth, value and immediacy, when this is required. Even when the words need no accompaniment, the structure or format of the piece of writing – whether this is a book, an academic paper or straightforward interview – might be key. No two clients have the same needs or the same vision. That’s why we all enjoy what we do so much, and how we started working together.

Our professional writing includes the following roles;
• Professional writer, where we have produced features, commentary and marketing copy,
• Ghost-writer and Collaborative writer, where we have produced books based on clients ideas, or where the creative work and research we undertook on behalf of our clients grew into something more
• Social media campaign manager, and copy writer both across platforms and on single platforms,
• Editorial and full-book contributions towards books published by the UK Government,
• Social media writer using SEO and blog optimisation best practices,
• Editor for books, academic papers and conference presentations,
• Copy writer for websites, blogs, LinkedIN and internal communications.

Depending on your requirements, we can work alone, bring in trusted colleagues, manage supporting research, find potential publishers or provide a seamless end-to-end service.

We come from three continents and have an international network of colleagues. When time is really tight we take advantage of living in different time zones to deliver 24 working hours in one day.

Our specialisms are;

Carole Edrich: risk, finance, banking and accountancy, thought leadership project management (both agile and waterfall). photography, travel and dance.

Julia-Carolin Zeng: SEO, digital PR, translations (English, French, Spanish, Italian to German), photography, content writing about travel, dance, culture, water sports.

Jaime Breitnauer: Finance and accounting, online marketing, thought leadership.

If we don’t have the background to do your work justice we will tell you. Between us we will know the right person and will be happy to recommend them.

Our Backgrounds:

Carole Edrich

As a journalist and writer in my own right, I’ve had features, listicles, magazines, academic papers, opinion pieces and several books published under my own name and more published on behalf of others. Before working as a photographer and journalist I was a successful risk consultant. All the projects and programmes for which I was responsible ran on time, to budget and to my clients’ satisfaction and delivered best-in-class outcomes.

The Asian Tsunami, recovering from aggressive breast cancer,  clients in the Twin Towers,  working with dancers of all ages and teaching photography also inform my work. I enjoy meeting new challenges and consider myself privileged to be able to do what I do. It is all so much fun.

Julia-Carolin Zeng

Born and raised in Germany, I discovered early my passion for foreign cultures and languages. My degree in cultural anthropology and linguistics paved the way to a career in journalism. After several years and work and life experiences in different countries, I have taken my experience in print and audio production to the digital space and became a consultant for SEO and digital PR.

To share what I have experienced in different locations of the world and to inspire others to enjoy life to the fullest, I use my spare time to write stories about travel experiences that I enhance with photography.

Jaime Breitnauer

Having worked as a journalist, editor and writer for the past 20 years I am well-versed in the process of creating work, from short articles to complete books, in an authentic and relatable voice. Sometimes that voice is mine, such as for opinion pieces or in the many longform articles and books I have worked on. However, at other times the voice belongs to someone else, someone who has valuable knowledge to impart, or experiences they wish to relay, but may need support to turn those things into written word. From survivors of crime and violence, to accounting and business, and even celebrities, I have worked with a wide variety of clients to help turn their ideas and life events into creative and readable works which they retain full ownership over. As well as being a passionate wordsmith, I am a mum to two neurodiverse boys, and wife to a talented architect who grew up in Asia and Africa. We split our time between the UK and NZ.


If you are interested in receiving examples of our work, or in discussing a potential project, drop me a line here.